Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here in our Explainer Video FAQs.

(Just contact us if you still have question marks in your head;-)

Explainer videos are animated drawings and images that explain what a company, service or product does in an entertaining and concise manner.

Basically anywhere where complex ideas need to be presented in a short time and made comprehensible to the viewer.
Common uses of OhMyVids videos are:
– Online marketing & sales (e.g. as conversion videos, on landing pages, in social networks or in newsletter marketing)
– Internal communication & eLearning (e.g. employee information, to communicate important topics or in employee training)
– Events and presentations (venture capital pitches for startups, trade fairs, funding applications, events & lectures)

Explainer videos go through the following steps up to the finished production and delivery:

1. We discuss your product or service to get an accurate overview of your desired and specific goals.
We work with you to determine exactly who the explainer video is intended for, what it should achieve and what the content should express.
2. We get your order (20% deposit).
3. We create a text concept based on the previously discussed basis and go through it again with you in detail.
4. Within 1 day you will receive an explainer video script from us that contains the narrator text of the video and some added images as an example to reinforce the scene content and give you a first impression of the finished product.
After approval of the text concept, a further 20% partial payment will be made.
6. We develop a storyboard that includes the desired drawings and animations for the voiceover text.
The basics for the explainer video are now being defined and further refined.
After acceptance of the storyboard, a further 20% partial payment will be made.
7. The text will be spoken by a professional voice actor and the background music will be chosen.
After approval of the voiceover, a further 20% partial payment will be made.
8. The production phase of the explainer video is now initiated.
9. The HD video is now delivered to you in any format and/or resolution.
The explainer video is available for you and your customers.
After acceptance of the finished explainer video, the last 20% payment is made.
And again as a short version:
1. Briefing: Offer → Contract & 20% deposit
2. Conception: text concept → feedback → revision → release – 20% partial payment
3. Storyboard: Visualization concept → Scribbles → Storyboard → Feedback → Revision → Approval – 20% partial payment
4. Soundtrack: → Narrator → Music → Animation – 20% partial payment
5. Production: → Video creation → Delivery → 20% balance payment

We have a team of professional voice actors, copywriters, graphic designers, animators and video editing specialists that allows us to carry out essential and time-consuming tasks in parallel, so that in most cases we can deliver the finished explainer video in less than a week.

Our company is based in the Philippines and we pass the cheaper labor costs on to you.

Depending on the current workload, we can do it.
Just send us your script and all the necessary information and we’ll think of something for you.

Yes, if you wish, we can also translate your script into any other imaginable language, find a professional speaker for your project and produce the video for you.

You can use your explainer video indefinitely on the internet, in presentations, on your website and at events.
In contrast to all other providers, you also receive full broadcast rights for radio and TV from us.
Unlike our competitors, we do NOT use your video as a reference on our website or on our YouTube channel.
This is considered “duplicate content” by Google and may harm your video’s listing on Google and YouTube.